About GuideFather

"Guidefather is an idea of sharing knowledge..."


GUIDEFATHER is a Blog site created in 2020 (Yeah! the year of the Pendamic outbreak of Covid-19, Fire in Australia, cyclone, and of course the boredom of lockdown).We are trying to help as many people as we can by sharing any information related to a vast number of topics.


The idea of this website 

The way a Father/Godfather guides there pupil by his own experiences of failure and success. Yes, the experience, which an individual can never get by reading books, One can gain this treasure either with life experiences or by extracting from his/her mentor... This website is just a small step towards sharing experiences of those who have gone through the path which our readers are passing through. 


Our Vision

There are a huge number of topics in different branches of knowledge. Which makes it impossible to talk about each of them ,and that's the motivation for our continuous efforts and regular updates.We are trying our best to cover as many topics as possible.

"We all grow, but we grow better by the guidance of our mentor"