Saturday, June 6, 2020

Emulating any gamepad as Xbox 360 console

Emulating any gamepad as Xbox 360 console
Welcome to all gamers(specially who can't afford a Xbox 360 gaming consolešŸ˜)
Here is How to play Xbox 360 games with any gamepad,controller or console?
So one day while playing your favourite video game you suddenly thought that the traditional controls(with keyboard and mouse which is the best combination in my opinion) is a little hassle and you want to play the games in a way they are meant to be played i.e. with a joystick or gamepad.
Now you have a gamepad of whatever brand it may be e.g. Quantum because they are cheap and available in market easily.
But now when you tried to play your game, you got to know that most of these games which come with game controller support actually supports only our own unaffordable Xbox 360 controller.(Yeah we have been there.)
Here is the nice part or the good news, It is possible to emulate any gamepad as Xbox controller,or you can say lying to your computer that the controller you have connected is the expensive one.
Just follow the steps given below and enjoy

Go to the website and check wether your game is supported by the emulator or not.If the game you want to play is in the given list congratulations you will play as you wish if not then just download a game which suits your taste and is in the list.
Now download the 32-bit or 64-bit version of the Xbox control emulator or you can download via following links:

After downloading, extract the file in the games directory in which the launcher application is.If you don't know the location the just right click on game icon and goto properties,here in the target tab you see the directory in which the game is saved.The image below is an example.

Run the x360ce.exe file as administrator

After that when it will ask you to create a .dll file just click on create like the image below


When the below window appears connect you USB gamepad to your PC.


  After connecting the gamepad, you will see the following window

Select 'search automatically' then click next
Now your gamepad has been emulated,its time to map your keys accordingly.The best way is to first configure it automatically by clicking the auto button as shown in the image below and then making changes according to your preferences..

Once you have mapped your buttons,save it and without closing it run your game.The moment has finally come...Enjoy

If your gamepad has an analog button then keep it on.It will help you to map more keys