Sunday, June 7, 2020

Sending Emails By SendGrid | Domain Authentication

Sending Emails By SendGrid | Domain Authentication
SendGrid provides two methods to verify the sender as discussed in my previous article.
  • Domain Authentication 
  • Single Sender Verification 
We have already covered the Single Sender Verification method. Today we will check the Domain Authentication process.

Pros and Cons of Domain Authentication.

Pros : 
  • You can send emails via any email address of your domain whether that email id exists or not, Example
  • One time setup, In single sender method you have to verify the other emailId again if you want to send mail by another email Id.
Cons :
  • You need a domain to use this method.
  • Setup is quite complex for a person from a non-technical background.
  • Setup may require time.

Setup Domain Authentication 

  • Navigate to Settings -> Sender Authentication from the left panel. 
  • Click on Get Started under Authenticate Your Domain section if it's your first domain, If you already have added a domain then you have to click on Authenticate Domain. You will be redirected to a new page.

    Sender AuthenticationSelect your domain provider and click on next.
  • Enter the domain or subdomain from which you want to send mail, Under Advance options, you can check DKIM settings and return path to avoid spam but these are not necessary for now.
    Enter Domain
  • On the next screen, you can see the DNS records that you have to add in your domain provider
    DNS records
  • Go to your DNS provider and add three CNAME records provided  by SendGrid
    NOTE: remove your primary domain name from HOST name
    For example, I am using  so the records generated will be like while adding your hostname in domain provider you have to paste only
    Adding records to domain provider
  • Wait for some time and click on the verify button. It may take an hour or more to verify the records 
To check that you have added the records correctly go to DNS Checker select CNAME from dropdown and enter the hostname provided by SendGrid in my case it will be 
Dns Checker

To generate API keys or send mail via SendGrid you can check this article .

Thank you for reading